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    I need help with my 1927 sidecar. I have the tub and the frame. I need a wheel, fender, step and mount brackets. I have pictures, but don't really know how to add them to the thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Might try Replicant Metals for wheel and fender. Mounting brackets can be found on eBay. Step is going to be very hard to find.
    Bob Selph
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    i think craig taylor has a jd sidecar fender for sale

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    From what I'm seeing in the picture. You got your work cut out for you. The fender is the easiest thing you need to find. The threaded frame connectors you can get from Colony but the ball stud your going to have to make. Your also going to need the two frame mounts they screw on to. The tub brackets are there attached to the frame. All ya need is bolts. Your also going to have to find a stabilizer bar with ends. These show up pretty regularly ( bolts to middle of frame on bike side and attaches to the seat post bolt). The one thing that is going to tax you is finding a hub with usanle races and all the hardware intact. Good Ruke on your mission, Bob L
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