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    Default Why-see-on. 2019

    'Some Things' that occurred at Wauseon AMCA 2019:

    1. Lowest 3-day turn-out i've ever seen.

    2. Counterfeit Currency exchanged. Three vendors that i heard of. *Personally, I always test with a Black light.

    3. On Wednesday, 7-17. The North parking lot gate lock was cut, and many piled in to set-up--Most notably--EMC (Yale, Mi.).

    4. On Saturday, 7-20. The AMCA Fairground event announcer reported that there was a severe storm that was going to hit Wauseon around 7am -9am on Sunday. This was repeated for an hour between 2-3pm Saturday afternoon. By 6pm, 70% of the Vendors hauled out, & Wauseon was a ghost town--all from an imaginary storm prediction. Ironically, Sunday was the nicest day of all 4 days.

    5. The Wednesday Walmart Super-Store pre-swap and camp—A Total b.S. Blowout!

    6. Rain at 2:30 pm on Thursday. Great for the 1/2 mile, short blast, but powerful, otherwise, a really nice day. Friday-Zero Rain. Saturday-10 minute sprinkle around 8pm. Sunday-Perfect.

    7. J&A Taco Wagon back in business after a one year absent(2018), due to a death in the family.*(R.i.P).

    8. Great day at the Roeder Racing 1/2 Mile event, with all classes getting one Practice, one Heat, and a Main. One Heat(All Classes), was skipped due to the 98 degree—115 Heat index. Springer & Morehead kicked Butt, with the 'Findlay Flyer' taking all the marbles. All in all, a safe day at the track, except for Michael Lange receiving a slight Concussion in the Tank Shift class.

    9. As far as complaining about the 98 degree HeAT & 115 Heat Index~~ While wearing your Bermuda shorts and t-shirt, and sipping on a cold one! Try wearing Full Leathers-Helmet-boots & gloves, goggles, and a neck brace and back protector for 8 and a 1/2 hours. Plus wrenching on the Race M/C's to keep em' moving, like 'ALL the Classes' did to put on an Excellent show for the spectators, and give them their moneys worth!!! Grandstand attendance was decent, i think around 2K. THANK YOU!!!

    10. I surely hope the AMCA Brass looks into the people that cut that Lock to illegally enter and set-up on Wednesday! Oh wait, maybe they were just some Mexicans.

    11. And now for the Piece De Resistance: George 'Geo' Roeder III sold this 1937 Knuck a month or so ago. 2 weeks before Wauseon, the new owner posted that it would be at the National Meet in Wauseon. He paid 57K for the M/C. It was stripped and being sold in pieces. Gee, i wonder if anyone bought that $700 dollar kickstand?

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    Default Wauseon Correct Wrap Up Info

    Wauseon Correct Wrap Up Info:

    1. Not sure where you are getting your numbers....I know for a fact that a minimum of 1,600 vehicles were parked with usually at least 2 people per vehicle. And that doesn't count all of the "other" people who attend the meet. My guess.....over 5,000 attendees! And that is with 98 degree weather!!

    2. No One has control of Counterfeit Currency. Be observant and purchase one of those marking pens that check for bad money. I do wish the world didn't have criminals!

    3. CORRECTION----The south gate lock was NOT cut. The person who accidentally slipped the locking device early Thursday morning came to me and apologized for that happening. It was solely unintentional. Thank You to him for owning up to an accident.

    4. No announcements were made about bad weather coming in. Vendors leaving early Saturday is an issue that is being addressed. Please remember people, Wauseon National is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday Meet.

    5. I don't know what goes on at Walmart. I'm too busy at the fairgrounds to worry about Walmart!

    6. Were are just happy it didn't rain all weekend!!

    7. Thanks to all the food vendors!!

    8. Thanks to George Roeder for putting on great racing!

    9. Agree!!! Thanks to all those leather wearing racers! I can't imagine how hot they are in 98 degree heat!

    10. AGAIN, No One Cut A Lock. And don't like the Mexican reference! There are no nationalities here at Wauseon, just Motorcycle Enthusiasts!

    11. I guess each person has to do what is best for them. No comment on what someone else does with their stuff.

    Thanks for a Great Wauseon 2019,
    Mary Wheat (Punky)
    Wauseon National Coordinator

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    Hi Punky,
    Thanks for all you did to make the 2019 Wauseon meet a success!

    Steve Slaminko

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    Your Welcome, Steve. Couldn't do it without all the volunteers like you!

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    marking pens don't work if they reuse a dollar & make a friend got a counterfit $100 from an Aussie a few years ago at Davenport.Couldn't find the guy after he noticed it.

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    So sorry your friend got ripped off!! Maybe there is another way of testing money. I'm not a criminal so I am not familiar with criminal ways. I detest thieves!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    So sorry your friend got ripped off!! Maybe there is another way of testing money. I'm not a criminal so I am not familiar with criminal ways. I detest thieves!!
    That is sickening.....counterfit money now....that ruins it for the honest people....i think thats a federal crime isnt it...

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    Once again the Wauseon crew did an excellent job. Just a great meet all round. Thank you Punky to you and all the elves involved. I know there were many...also thanks for the clarification of events on the forum...for some it's their only link...For me it's as much about the people as the bikes at a National Meet...

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