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    Anyone have any picks of 1st day of show yet ? Ill be thier tomm. Getting itchy..

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    No pics here but -

    HUGE THANK YOU to all the vendors who came to terryville. It wouldn’t happen without you. Thank you as well to everyone who stepped up to volunteer time laying out the fields (mike b, Tim g and john s and the rest of the crew - you guys are awesome!) at the gates (Peter g, Darryl and critter!), tent (thanks Dianne, Charlie, sandy and Arlene!) and anyone I missed elsewhere. Thank you Ted Smith for juggling too many balls to count and making the meet and banquet a success. And also to the judges your time and expertise - and patience. And thanks to board members Peter MacMurray and Davette Bent for attending and also to Don Dzurick and Keith Kizer for being there and all of your help. See you next year!

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    Thanks TED and Ken for all the work you and your people (all VOLUNTEERS) do to make this meet possible! Starting months ago with Registration and ending up with cleaning up after everyone leaves and everything in between that most people never think of. After 3 days of sun and fun I collapsed when I got home Saturday afternoon and had my first good sleep in the last 3 days! It's 6AM Sunday and just looked in my garage and realized I sold about half of what I brought to the meet!!! Plus finding the few things that I needed means that life is good! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE; 46EL/Jp
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    Thanks for a 100% great time. Finally, low temps and no rain. Ted and Ken you and the rest of the crew did a bang up job. The best, Bob, Bean and beagle beagle.
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