I am looking for the part no, or brochure that Harley produced in 1927 to convert the 1926 and earlier distributors to use the 1927 and later wasted coil system.
I believe this kit had new timer shaft without the rotor drive flat on top, and a new timer cover that used the original spring clips to hold it on.

During my time getting my 1929 back running, I have had a steep learning curve to find out what is correct for what year. I have been documenting my findings on distributors/timers as I go. This is along the lines of a "What fits what" type of document.

I still have some other information I am looking for to try and make this document complete.
Any information people could provide on 1918-1920 distributor caps would be appreciated, even a photo would do.

The distibutor body below has a set screw in the side of the body. This is the only one I have come across. If anybody knows if this is an OEM screw it would be helpfull.
I also have what I think is a 1929 timer, but it still has the spring clip mounts(cut off) for a distributor cap. I don't have a good photo of this as it is currently in my bike.