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Thread: 47 FL knuck basket case

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    Default 47 FL knuck basket case

    Hello All!
    I am working assembling a 47 FL Knucklead gifted to me by a friend who passed too soon.
    This will be a rustoration he painted the tins & yeah they are not perfect but it was his vision.
    I sure can use some advice along this journey.
    Robert "Bobby" Witham
    Wish I could figure out how to attach pics?!?!

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    Now this may sound a little complicate but it is not to bad. Once you do it a couple of times you will be set. You may want to print this first for reference while you do it. It may make it easier.

    I am not sure if you are starting a new message or replying to one, but regardless of where you but at this point I will assume you are replying to a message. If you have any other questions or comments, let me know. Good luck.

    Select “Reply” in the lower right corner of the message menu screen “Quick Reply” menu you are in, it should be in bold print.
    1) At this point you should be able to type out a text and/or insert your image

    2) There are 7 shaded groups of icons in the task bar right above where you are typing. You want the 7th group which also has 6 icons in it. You want to select the 4th one,
    “Insert Image”

    3) Select the “Insert Image” icon; this will open another smaller menu called “Insert Image. This will offer you two selection tabs at the top, 1) From Computer or 2) From URL.
    I will assume your image is on your computer so select “From Computer”. You will see two additional options, 1) Choose File or 2) Upload File(s) further down in the menu.
    You will use both of these but you will use “Choose File” first and then “Upload File(s)”

    4) Select “Choose File”. This is where you will select where the image you want to put in your message is located on your computer. Go to that location and highlight the image
    you want to add in your message, select the “Open” option in the lower portion of that menu. This will direct you back to the “Choose File” menu were you will see the name
    of your file selected to the right of “Choose File”. Now you want to select the “Upload File(s) option. Once you do this your image will be place in your text message. Now you
    will “not” see the image but rather the verbiage that this application uses to “make it happen”. Once you are finished, select “Post Quick Reply” in the lower portion of this

    You want to add addition images you will have to do this process again. I don’t think this application has the ability to add multiple images at once. Don’t quote me on that I
    have not played with this application that much.

    Good Luck.

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    I find it much easier to use the "Go Advanced" option, scroll down to manage attachments, Click on the browse option, select your image, upload, and it is inserted in the post. It also lets you see your images stored on this forum and delete as necessary.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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