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Thread: 1978 FXS Engine Paint - Finishes

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    Default 1978 FXS Engine Paint - Finishes

    Hi All - I'm rebuilding a 1978 FXS Lowrider engine and want to get the engine paint and finish back to OEM as much as possible.
    I'm assuming the following:
    Heads are painted flat black. Question - are the fin edges painted silver, left black or sanded to bare aluminum?
    Cases are painted flat black as are the lifter guides. Hardware is cad plate.
    Are the cylinders flat black too?
    Oil pump body is painted or raw aluminum?
    I know rocker boxes and cam cover are silver/pewter with fasteners that are black oxide. I have OEM original paint components going back on.
    Can anybody help me with what is correct and what isn't on the engine finish?

    How about the transmission? That's next.

    Thank you for any and all help.


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    Engine finish should be Wrinkle Black not Flat Black. Wrinkle Black is still available from the MoCo. The fins on the head should be sanded or I am told scraped back to bare aluminum. I believe the wrinkle black is difficult to sand off. The cylinders should be wrinkle black as well, no exposed metal here. I will have to check my literature but I am almost certain trans is wrinkle black as well. Oil pump too.
    Along with the pewter finish on the rocker boxes, nose cone and outer primary, the front fork lower legs, and calipers should also be pewter.
    I had achieved a senior OP with mine before it developed a noise in the engine. It even has the original solid state ignition in working condition.
    BTW I can not get a beer in Neshanic Station anymore but I still love the Sour Lands. I will check my literature for oil pump and trans finish.

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    The crankcases, oil pump, barrels, heads, trans case, and lid were wrinkle paint. The edges of the head fins were ground off, not sanded, looks like a burr was used to remove the black paint. The brake calipers were not painted. I sold them when they were new...

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    I think they call the wrinkle paint texture black now. The texture is a little finer than the old wrinkle. Maybe they have both. Here is a fine example seen at shovelfest in Kingston,nh. 7D64BF2A-7317-497C-B4FB-DC25763F69FE.jpg

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