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    Default Practice image posting

    To insert an image in your thread start by determining where you want the photo. Let's say we want it following this text. That being the case hit the return button on your keyboard two times. That will giver you a line space between the image and this text. If you don't leave an extra space your image will butt up against the text. Also if you are inserting several photos do the same thing, hit the return two times so you have a space between each photo.


    In draft form of your post, before you hit the submit button at the bottom of the screen you will only see the bracketed word attach and a number in between. Once you submit your post the photo will appear where you placed it. So how do you get the magic words to appear? Follow these instructions.

    With your your computer's pointer go up to the editing buttons at the top of the box where you are writing your text.

    Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 9.43.23 PM.jpg

    In these several editing buttons find the framed image.

    Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 9.36.24 PM.png

    If you hover over the buttons with your pointer a label will appear to help you identify what the buttons are for. The “Insert Image” button is on the second row of editing buttons and is next to a button that looks like movie film. Click on the Insert Image button. You will be presented with a small box that allows you a couple options of where to upload your image 1) from your computer or 2) from an internet photo site. Personally I find it a lot better to upload photos from my own computer. here is an image of the box looks like after you click the Insert Image button.

    Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 9.36.40 PM.jpg

    You won’t need to do anything except to click on the button “Choose File” this will take you to one of the directories where your photos and other text files are located your computer. Click on the file for the image you want and it will show the file name next to the “Choose File” button. To now upload it to your message hover you pointer over the word “Upload Files” and click on this link. This will upload your image to your message. Remember that when you are in the draft mode you only see the bracketed words and a number like this.

    Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 9.37.37 PM.png

    Once you hit the submit button the photos will be in your post.

    Try it out in the forum called Practice posting messages here. That way you can get some experience. As always feel free to email me if you have any questions.

    Mike Love
    AMCA Forum

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    Mike, I am familiar with adding pictures as you describe in a post, but several weeks ago I tried to do the same thing in a private message and couldn't. When I clicked on the Insert Image button and the small box appeared the only option was 'Add an Image from Url', there was no option to upload from my computer. I had to contact the individual, get his email address and send pictures that way. Is this an option that can be fixed or was it something I did wrong? (I just tried again and got the same results). Thanks, appreciate your efforts here.
    Bob Rice #6738

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