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    First post, just joined the AMCA. Although I have been a lifelong rider, just this year I bought my first vintage bike, a 1963 BMW R27 which was mechanically restored by Max BMW in NH. Although my family owned a hardware store when I was growing up (so I have been around tools my whole life) and I am a veterinary surgeon (so I am good with my hands), I have never been able to marry the two together - I can't change a light bulb without messing it up. daily riders are all evolution sportsters - two 2002s and a 2003 - which I am learning to do simple stuff on - clean the carb, replace the choke cable, replace the control cables, oil change, etc. I have never seen a set of points or adjusted a valve, but I am going to try to learn on the R27 - I figure it has only one of everything so it must be about as simple a machine as can be. I am SURE I will mess things up, and be asking the forum here for help!!

    Glad to be here, see you Central New York riders at Brookfield.

    Paul Bookbinder DVM

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    Our esteemed past AMCA President, Doc Patt was a DVM, and a hands-on builder of some iconic antique motorcycles. I'm convinced that a person can accomplish anything if they have the will, and passion. Welcome to the AMCA, Paul. You'll do fine.
    Eric Smith
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    Actually, esteemed late Past President Dr. John Patt was proud to be a VMD, Veterinary Medical Doctor. He was a graduate of Penn State University, the only college, at the time, to award that degree, so instantly recognizable. His daughter followed in his footsteps.
    Oh, and welcome to the asylum, Dr. Bookbinder!
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    Ah yes, for over 100 years there has been a (mostly) good natured rivalry between my alma mater Cornell and Penn. We call them the Pennwe's, as in " At Penn we think this," or "At Penn we do it this way...

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    Enjoy the BMW!! and have FUN!

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