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Thread: Long term project...1934 Harley Davidson VLD

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    You can disassemble the forks, carefully of course, by lying them flat on the floor and slowly loosening the top nuts. The nuts and springs will fly across the floor, so have something like a blanket for them to run into. Assembly is where you need the tool, but check elsewhere on this forum as a couple of ratchet straps have been known to work.

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    This is what I used to work on my JD front end. You still need to be careful.

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    Hey all,

    Disassembly continues. Along with unexpected surprises!

    Fittings on this bike chassis are surprisingly lubricated for as old as it is and the chicken coop it was found in. Most of the nuts and such are coming apart very easily.

    Here's the current progress of disassembly:


    I'm almost thinking the original paint was white as that's what is peeking through the crusty flaking. You can see it near the head.

    Original bearings were in the head. I'll have to clean them up and see what condition they are in but the cups look pristine and the bearing balls look pretty good too despite being covered in grease.

    Rear wheel brake drum looks like it's in decent shape.


    And the teeth in the rear wheel look pristine for shape for as old as it is.


    Once I got the rear wheel off, I came across an unexpected surprise.

    An original Corbin Speedo axle gear. ^_^v Sadly I don't have any of the rest of it. :P


    Looks like the axles are in amazing shape as well and I'll know more about the wheel hubs once I get into them. But from the looks of how things are going so far, they might just be near pristine. :P

    Definitely got a good rolling chassis.

    Currently Building/Restoring: 1934 Harley Davidson VLD

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    Hey all,

    Slow progress, but a few milestones.

    First off. The neck lock works! Got a set of keys from which was able to get them out right away. Definitely recommend them. Had to sand the tip of the key just slightly as it was a tad long, but once I did that, key slipped in and turned fine. Wish the lock had a grease fitting as it's a little sticky, but key turns easily enough and the lock moves.

    Next up, I finally got the clutch basket off the transmission. That was a pain the butt. Clutch plates were gummed up with rust, dirt, oil, etc and did not want to move. Got the clutch puller tool for a VL and after a bit, the front plate came off. Didn't help someone removed the screws holding all the springs on sometime in the past. Got everything removed and next up is the nut holding the sprocket on. Just need to find a tool for that.

    With the clutch basket removed, I could remove the plate which was attached to the ears and was finally able to open up the top to see inside the transmission. Now I'm no expert on gear wear, but to my untrained eye, those gears and shafts look really good. But chime in your thoughts. I'm not an expert on gear wear. Everything seems to turn and slide nicely.

    Finally, started disassembling that Corbin axle drive. I showed before pictures, but here's one with some of the grime cleaned off. Can actually read the writing now.

    That's all for the update.

    Let me know your thoughts. Especially on those gears.


    Currently Building/Restoring: 1934 Harley Davidson VLD

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