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Thread: 1942/1943 Knucklehead frame for sale

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    Default 1942/1943 Knucklehead frame for sale

    Anyone in the market for a VERY NICE OEM 1942 or 1943 big twin frame?
    The frame is sand blasted and shows no signs of ever having been repaired in the past.
    All hallmarks indicate that it is a late 42 or 43 frame.
    The only issues are;
    The top motor mount was replaced with one from Wasco.
    The undersides of the frame tubes between the front motor mount and the footboard brackets show the typical dents that are always present.
    I can deliver the frame to Wauseon for no charge.
    Asking $8,000

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    Sorry, no picture coming. Sold almost immediately at the Wauseon meet.

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