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    Good afternoon gentlemen,

    I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I have always wanted to own and restore vintage Harleys but it took some time to get to the point in my life where I am actually able to do it. I ride a 2018 bagger and I'm actively looking to purchase a vintage project bike to renovate / take apart - figure out - put back together. I am a decent woodworker and I've done some fabrication/metal work in the past (Lotus 7 replica built from scratch). Motorcycle restoration is new to me but I'm excited about it. Any active members in San Diego? I'll buy you beer if I can pick your brain. Haha.


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    Welcome to the AMCA, Richard. There are 2 ways to get into the vintage bike scene; buy a complete, running bike (easy but expensive), or find a bike project and begin the process of research, and parts hunting. The second option often winds up costing as much as the first option but the installment plan is more of a reality for most of us. I am in favor of the project bike because I love the restoration process, the research, and meeting new people who have the same kind of bike. If you're looking for a Harley, you will have an easier time with the research as H-D was well documented. Off brands will introduce you to many more new friends as parts and knowledge are scarce. Personally, I don't think that should be a deterrent as it sounds like you are a talented, and resourceful guy. Whatever you find, the AMCA is a great organization for support and I'm sure you will enjoy yourself here.
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    Richard, There's a couple of Chapters in your area. Join one and it will be a big help. Good luck down the road. Rich

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