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Thread: better clutch?

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    Default better clutch?

    Looking for a little advice or suggestions for clutch replacements or anything to help with my high geared servicar. I know it is hard on the clutch on take off. Just wondering if stronger springs or more plates or what ever will help. Maybe there are better clutches out there. Thanks to all you Guys that help with these questions.

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    What year servicer? If '33-'40 and your clutch is slipping and your springs and plates are in good condition, replace your fibers with some metallic/Kevlar ones from Way Back Wheels.
    If '41 and later use Barnett plates and springs.

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    got a 69 servi with new clutch and springs from 45 restorations. they are the bonded type with new steel plates. just looking down the road a bit as this gearing is very hard on clutch.

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    Take the box off,clutch will work fine

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