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Thread: 42 WLA running issues

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    Default 42 WLA running issues

    I recently entered the antique motorcycle world and purchased a 1942 HD WLA that had been "rebuilt". It has a Mukini carb, that I since replaced new from Harley 45 restorations that has remedy the leaky carb. My main issue is the Circuit breaker points keep moving. Initially someone had modified the circuit breaker to accept a universal car point set up. I have replaced that too form Harley 45 restoration new points, condenser, and circuit breaker bottom. I set the proper gap, it runs and the points keep moving after a short time and the bike quits. I have tightened the bolts as tight as I could get them, even broke one. Yesterday I finally added loctite blue to see if that helps. Any other recommendations as it is driving me crazy. I also had an intake leak, I replaced the bolts and put in Peek seals but haven't had the chance to "bubble test" it. I have read many of the articles on here and know there is a wealth of knowledge. All help greatly appreciated form an AMCA newby. Thanks in advance Erik

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    I would look at shaft movement and the rubbing block for wear.

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    Bubble test is mandatory before any kind of tuning, if the manifold is leaking all sorts of bad and strange things will happen preventing you from tuning the bike. Hopefully others will jump in about your points. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the advice, plan on bubble testing in a couple of days.

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    Thanks Tomfiii for the advice, what would be the steps you take to do that? Thanks for your help. Erik

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    Default More specific details

    Purchased 42 HD WLA with Mikuni carb with overhauled engine “running great”
    Would start but wouldn’t stay running. What I have done:
    New plugs .025 gap (previous plugs showed wayyyyy too rich)
    Carb had a serious leak and internally tired. Replaced new from HD 45 restoration
    Circuit breaker was running modified car points on lobe, replaced with new again HD 45 Resto
    I gap the points full advance timing is right .022
    Seems the gap moves after a couple of minutes new CB bottom, screws, washers, and condenser
    New Peek seals and manifold nuts had noticible leak, bubble test tomorrow
    New battery, coil seems solid
    All help greatly appreciated, have ridden it a total of 5 minutes and pushed it wayyyy more

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    Bubble test shows no manifold leaks. I did realize the non-45 after market coil had cracked. Hopefully replacing that will finally remedy the issue.

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    After everything, points will move every third time I ride it. Going to try Beyond2000 to hopefully remedy the issue. Has anyone tried this product? Thanks,

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    Dear Erik, I've tried electronic ignition on my bobber/racer but saw no improvement and went back to good old points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emyoung35 View Post
    After everything, points will move every third time I ride it. Going to try Beyond2000 to hopefully remedy the issue. Has anyone tried this product? Thanks,
    Good product, would recommend. BUT you must have a coil with the correct OHM's or it will eat the coil, constantly. Call the guy and get the scoop so you only have to do it once. I current run a 3 OHM coil for a Shovel, bike runs great even if it doesn't look 100% perfect.

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