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Thread: carby bakefire

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    Ok I forgot, points and condensers went away in mid year 1978. That being said I have had the same electronic ignition in a 1992 FLHS with the same Shorty E that gave me fits with its missing/popping/dead throttle until I changed the coil. I tried all the usual fixes that have been mentioned, none cured the matter, until the coil was replaced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aumick10 View Post
    I have always found the S&S Super E to be a good carby. If it is tuned as per the instructions, good o rings(or bands) and support fitted, they run well.

    One thing I have come across many times is the electronic module breaking down. I have replaced every one I have come across. They typically show some potting material leaking out of the enclosure. This will give you some strange effects.
    If you are still using the original springs in the advance and retard, they loose some tension after time. The spring anchors also seem to bend inwards sometimes.

    Even if the timing is in good condition, I like to change it out for a later electronic system. Can be set up as single fire if preffered with a new coil, and is very tunable. My personal favorite is the Crane HI4, before S&S brought them from Crane.
    Have to disagree with crane hI4. And i have one in one of my bikes...not a great one and they failed a lot.Altima / dyna and a few others have so many better ones out now. The super E works just fine....but i rebuild a few beginning of year if guys dont treat the gas.....makes a mess and fart and backfire lean when not rite

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    My experience is the opposite. I have three HI4's in my evo bikes and no problems so far, although I don't do high miles anymore.
    The dyna's we used to run in our drag bikes alawys shook themselves to failure. Don't have much experience with Dyna's in road bikes.

    I have recently had to clean out my E from sitting around with gas in it, although this will happen to any carby today. I have changed all my bikes over to Ethanol free gas, as they sit around too much.

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    Simple enough to put a Bendix on and see if problem goes away. S&S Super E are made to be used in conjunction with other performance modifications.

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