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Thread: 741 Scout flywheel timing marks

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    Default 741 Scout flywheel timing marks

    I was trying to static time my 741 motor. I could not find any marks on the flywheel through the timing hole. All I found were 2 drilled holes in the flywheel. Are those for balancing, or are they for timing?.

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    I looked at my741 wheels and they have a + and 0 marks.Looks like the + is tdc and 0 with a line thru it is full advance .Marks are not deeep.

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    Thanks Tom. I see them now. You're right, they're not very deep. Thanks for the reply. Dave. And why does it keep saying I'm a new member?. I have been a member since 1986.
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    It says you are a new member to the forum, and will do so until you exceed a certain number of posts.
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    Did not know that, Thanks.

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