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Thread: Switching to electronic ignition for my kids 1976 T140

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    Default Switching to electronic ignition for my kids 1976 T140

    Who makes the best electpnic ignition for a 1976 T140 Bonnieville
    Also want to hear about how easy or hard to set up and what to look for and any other little tricks tha an old HD rider might not think of
    I just want to make it easy to keep tuned for my daughter who loves it

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    I have used Boyer-Bransden in the past with good results. Use non resistor plug wires. No more fiddly auto advance. Be aware of polarity though, if hooked up wrong it can cook it quickly. And a solid state regulator along with it is best on older stuff.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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    Get a Tri Spark best ei for old British iron there is (unless you can find an ARD CDI unit). Fits under the point cover - no external box or wiring issues. Bullet proof.

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