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I’m guessing there were few, if any, requirements for lighting (we do see old photos of bikes without any lights)...at least legally required lights anyway. FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) originated in the 1960’s, so if there were legal requirements they would have been from local or state regulations.

Customer demand for lights must have been the driving (err...riding) force behind lighted motorcycles?
Harry, you are exactly right. Somewhere I have regulations passed by different jurisdictions. There were no national requirements. Like you say local regulations pre 1910. One of the biggest forces driving regulations was farmers. They had a hell of a time with cattle and horses spooked by motorcycles and autos. Especially the motorcycles with cutouts or no mufflers at all. And I've read about accidents caused by no lights on the vehicles. There were quite a few accidents back in the day. Lots of people died. Not to mention how many people died from runaway horses and wagons. That was almost a common everyday occurrence. And boiler explosions. And train wrecks. It was pretty exciting around the turn of the 20th century. And just think about 20,000 horses shitting on the streets of New York or Chicago everyday. OMG!