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Thread: Another unknown Wisconsin Motorcycle?

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    Finally this list appears at the end of the United States section of Hugo Wilson's "Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle"
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    Peter Thomson, a.k.a. Tommo
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    Peter, thank you. I'm going to print them off and keep them with my research. It will be interesting going through them and comparing the info. We should be able to come up with some kind of figure but it would only be a educated guess.

    By the way I rode your south island back in the early 2000's for three weeks. I'd move there in a heart beat but you Kiwi's have very good immigration rules to keep out crazy Americans. Good for you. We would only ruin your beautiful country. Not me of course. Ha Ha. I met a man from Wisconsin who road a farm tractor all over the island as his primary transportation. He was a character. I forget if he lived there or was on a Visa.

    Loved riding through the Buller Gorge. Managed to avoid getting a speeding ticket some how. I have some really good memories.

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    Looking through the 'The Antique Motorcycle' magazine winter 1995 and found this which is some additional info for some of the above mentioned models.Mechanical Details p. 30.jpgMechanical Details p. 31.jpgMechanical Details p. 32.jpg
    Bob Rice #6738

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