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Thread: Yankee Chapter National Meet - Terryville, CT

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    Quote Originally Posted by HDSmitty View Post
    I saw PLENTY of great stuff for sale ....for all makes. I also touched base with many friends both old and new that thoroughly enjoyed this meet also. Didn't see any porn for sale so I don't know where that's coming from...maybe ya only see what yer lookin for. Great job Yankee chapter....gets a lil better every year. If you don't think so, then get off yer ass and see what YOU can do to make it better! Thanks.....Smitty
    Porn was inside joke you werent part of....thats why you werent quoted in it......Friends yes....But seeing you chose to answer.....Plenty of great stuff?...i must have been at a different terryville.......After 60 years of swap meets....pretty good judge. But its not the chapters fault. All i saw were mostly flippers wanting free stuff...lmao. But did meet a lot of friends.
    Show area and judging had sime beutiful stuff.....if you took the time to bother.

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    You get to see friends you don't see too often. You get to see rusty junk. You get to hang with like-minded people. You get to see fantastic old motorcycles riding around. ALL meets are good meets. It depends on what you are looking for.
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