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    Wow! Great story and pictures. I've built lots of bikes over the years but never started with one quite as neglected as yours. I can sense your passion in you messages and have no doubt you'll have it on the road in the not too distance future. Good luck and if I can offer any assistance please ask! Where are you located? We have a pretty large Indian Chief group here in Central Illinois.

    Thankfully my future wife didn't ask me to give up something I loved. In fact, right before we got married in 1980 her and I spent every last dollar we had (which wasn't much) on a 1939 Indian 4. Still have the same wife and same bike to this day. Both look pretty much the same as the day I met them.

    Steve Slaminko
    I'm also very fortunate as my wife supports me on whatever i do or bring home. This can be a little bit of a problem as I ended up getting this bike but thought it was going to slip through my fingers as most things do and then have my dream of ever owning an Indian end. Well late one night I was on Ebay looking up indian parts so that if i finally got this bike i could see what things were going for and damned if i didn't fall in love with a fully restored Indian. I put a bid on it at 12:30 AM. I tink I was super tired or something !! What was i thinking? Anyway the next mornng i won it so now I had to figure out how to tell the wife, how to ship it home and how to come up with the money. Ooops. Well I cam up with the money with a little juggling funds and found a shipper and then wouldn't you know it , my friend called and said pick up the barn find bike. Now I end up with 2 Indian chiefs!! One 1947 and one 1948. When my wife saw the 47 she turned away with an ugly look on her face. ths was not what I had expected. So i felt totaly fu$%@d how to tell her that I also bought a fully restored one. yikes!!! Anyway I walked in and she actually said she wasn't feeling well and said it was beautiful. Im talking the blue one!!!! Phew!!!! So then i told her it was my dream bike and that I always wanted an Indian not just to look at . So I placed the colored picture of the bike I bought on Ebay and waited....... She said "you are ging to make the blue bie look like this? I said Nope and the time it takes to restore the blue one will be a long time and Im getting older so I bought one that actually rides. She asked me "You bought this one"? I said yes and she was fine with it!!! LOL!!! So not only do I have the blue barn find but a restored one that I can compare with to do the restoation!! This is my restored bike.
    s-l1600 (5).jpg

    s-l1600 (7).jpg

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    I have also owned this bike for 35 years!!! As long as I knew about the Indian!!!


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    Great post Little Indian, your bikes and cars speak volumes about your passion which we all share; like others who've commented, please keep us abreast of the restoration work on the '48 Chief and your cars...

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    welcome aboard

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