The Ironhead Sportster Garage, a private Facebook group of 3000 members, hereby challenges the entire AMCA to a ride to work day ride-off on June 17.

We will ride only pre-84 sportsters.

Bragging rights will be two-fold, most members riding, and most miles ridden.

I will post a thread on the Ironhead Sportster Garage on June 16 to start collecting riders on June 17. I will do the same under parking lot chatter on the amca forum. If the moderators want to move it, cool. I'm not on the amca Facebook site and ask some one take up the challenge there.

Rules are simple:
1) no pleasure rides. You must conduct business. Retirees can go to the post office, etc.
2) post a photo of your bike at work with the round trip mileage.
3) no profanity
4) be honest
5) have fun.

We will tally up later in the week and the "winners" get nothing but bragging rights.

Who's in? I'm planning to hurt my '59XLH on a 70 mile round trip.