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Thread: Linkert Carb over flow

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    On occasion you may assemble a carburetor from unrelated parts, and use whatever bowl looks good, but even though complete interchange is possible they are not all alike.
    The bowl function is of course the same, and the float pivot operates on the same axis (the float pin), but the choice is either the float pivots left to right or (close to) front to back (as seen from above).
    All flathead carburetors are on the left side of the engine (float pivots front to back), and all OHV on the right (float pivots left to right), and their float types are arranged for this purpose. The difference is not in the pivot function, but how it is "clocked" on the body casting. If the wrong bowl is used, starting and idling on the side stand will be affected.
    The OHV bowl (M-5, 25, 35, 36, 45, 61, 74, etc.) has no cover above the float pivot assembly, but is sealed to the body casting by locating the pivot opening between the 2 pins protruding from the bottom of the casting (as the bowl gasket suggests).
    The flathead bowl (M-18, 21, 31, 41, 51, 88, MR-3 etc., Indian) has a brass hex screw (if absent, the opening is threaded) covering the float pivot assembly and should be aligned as per the diagram Cotten graciously posted above.

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    Floats don't hang up so much, Folks,..

    If you die-press the lever pin bore slightly closed, and then ream it sweet to a new pin.

    It can even squish it wider, sometimes needing a file, but then allowing you to center the lever.

    A quarter of an inch arc at the other end of the float is as tight as it gets,

    PS: I knew there was a reason why the floatlever eye is elongated; SVs' sweet spot is outboard, and OHVs' is midway.

    Its really not about the bowl, but about the bowlstem.
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