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Thread: Question regarding seat removal from 1925 frame

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Luland View Post
    I would under bore it with an angular cutter bit at both ends, I'd have that thing out of there faster than you could spin your head. I love it when the engineers step up to the plate here. Thank god you don't work for me. Bob Luland
    Bob, your post is why i send stuff to you i don't have equipment or skills for.

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    I was kidding around. Eric if you can get that frame in my milling machine? Your a better man than I'll ever be. Let's cut to the chase. You got a rod stuck in a bushing. So what do you do? Sit there for the next two week whacking this thing while feed it over price ATF or is there an easier way. If I were in a garage with limited means. This how I would get that thing out. If the end of the rod is not flat. Make it flat with a round burr in a hand drill. You now need to fabricate a centering bushing (I've seen cheap kits of these on the internet). This is nothing more than a piece of round stock to sit in the hole with another hole in the center for a transfer punch. The whole idea here is to put a center make on the rod (If you try to do this by eye, you will fail). Once you got that covered being the most important part of this job. You can ether drill the thing out in steps or use a an angular cutter. The picture is of a kit made by Rotobroach I carry on my dashboard for making hole in stuff in the field. The kit is #11090. You can find them on Fleese-bay for around $40.00. If ya drill a 1/8" hole in the rod. You just use the centering pilot pin that comes with the kit. These cutters are incredible. You can get them up to two inches long. I hope this helps somebody out. ATF and praying just don't cut it. Bob L
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    I know you have recommended those cutters in the past for sheet metal work, Bob. I guess it's time to let a few moths out of my wallet and get a set. I didn't mean to put you on the spot.
    Eric Smith
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