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Thread: Flanders handlebars

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    Very good information, Craig. I'll have to let go of a few Kopeks and get that stuff chromed, and take your advice about the triple clamp.
    Eric Smith
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    Flanders clamps were not chromed originally, they are cad plated. And the riser stub is a different size than H-D Rubber mount conversions. Flanders are 1" H-D is smaller, about 15/16, just enough so that parts do not interchange. Flanders made risers in a variety of styes, both rubber mount and solid. The rubber mount came in 2", 3-1/2", 4" and 5". With all the different bar shapes and widths there are dozens of combinations. All the factory drilled Flanders bars have the switch holes on the right and not left side like H-D.
    Robbie Knight Amca #2736

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    Robbie; You are correct about the triple clamp finish and the ear sizes. I put the different clamps up to compare, because I see a few people on Ebay calling H-D clamps Flanders. In the chopper days we chromed everything. Now I'm going to the chrome shop to have the plating stripped.

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    I have had flanders on my 36 rider for years and love them

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