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    I'm having trouble deciding on a new cam for my 66' FL. Does anyone have any input on a good cam that will pull hard off idle through the full RPM range? I'm running 8:1 pistons on 80'' flywheels. I put a Andrews #1 in my 81 Low Rider and I think my FL would be pretty sluggish at higher speeds on this cam.

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    Pete, In my experience with the Shovel I do not ever remember such a Cam but I have found some you might get close to that goal and they are; Andrews "J" @.405" lift, Lienweber HS or Rivera Engineering L2S(same cam) @.443" lift, Crane Hydralic Fireball 300H @.455" lift. Crane H288B Hi Roller @.450" lift. Crane is now owned by S&S Products so finding an original might be tough. There are two other makers you might get in touch with, they are; Black Widow Cams and Bob Wood Cams. Good luck

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    Pete never said if he was running hydraulic lifters or not

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    No he did not so I tried to point him towards Hydralic cams. He also left out what the 66 is, I figured FLH with hydralic tappets. The choices are getting pretty slim no matter solid or hydraulic but those I listed offer across the rpm increase in power.

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