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Thread: 2 more JD's for the road

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    When Cotten rebuilt my local buddy's DLX58 for his '29, it came back with a round float.

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    It is hard to know as different companies seem to use different OEM pt no's for the same part.
    I prefer a round float.
    Are you able to supply this, or should I go to one of the retailers?

    Gasket, 1204-21
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Swan View Post
    When Cotten rebuilt my local buddy's DLX58 for his '29, it came back with a round float.
    Round on the outside, Steve!

    But the hole in the middle for DLXs was spaced out,.. eccentric.

    And there are two sizes of those!

    Looking forward to any literature that places a horseshoe upon a DLX.
    (It won't surprise me much.)

    PS: Certainly, Mick,..
    I have bronze-bowl DLX floats ready; Just email me direct at
    Postage to CA should be about $4.

    PPS: I guess my point here is that any float that floats should work.
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    I had a distributor shaft seize up and take out the generator drive gear.
    Going through my other distributors, I found one that I haven't seen before.
    As you can see from the photos, this has a timer cam in it, no rotor drive flat, but it still has the distributor cap springs clip mounts.
    It also has a set screw on the side that can lock up the advance mechanism.

    Has anybody come across this before.
    Is it a OEM crossover timer, or has somebody made it up.

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