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    Default hello everybody

    I have been a member for a few years but not on the forum. I have a project in the works 1924 f (61 cu in magneto harley) Some one took it all apart and sandblasted everything. The next owner spray painted everything primer red, That saved the sheet metal from rust. The next owner just kept moving it and loosing parts. Basket case get the idea. It is up too us, your help and my hands to bring this back to a bike. Hope we have a nice trip. Oh bye the way I come from the great white north but will be going back to swap meets now and then.
    Thanks for the future Knowledge you will share with me.

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    Hello, Bobo! Welcome!
    Sounds like you have an interesting project. Hang around and ask kweshchins and you'll learn everything you need to know an' then some from J & F Model Harley owners all over this forum. It's all available, about anything you can think of, from soup to nuts, like any popular modern collector vehicle these days, so you have a very desirable project. Post pictures. We'll be looking forward to watching your progress on this forum.

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    Great post Bobo. Hope you will consider this the first post of documenting your 1924 F in the forum's Member Build section. It's a great way to get more comments and suggestions as you progress as well as to help others in the future. Good luck. If you are interested I can move this post at some point to the member build forum.

    Mike Love
    AMCA Forum

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    welcome aboard

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