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Thread: Location of Harley front tie bar brackets

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    Default Location of Harley front tie bar brackets

    Installing LE sidecar to 1976 Harley FL. Question is on installed location of front lower tie bar brackets. Manual says install on frame 10.75" below bottom of upper crash bar bracket on frame. When I install them with 10.75" from bottom of crash bar bracket to topmost area of tie bar brackets, the tie bars are mounted to low. When I install them 10.75" from crash bar bracket to center of tie bar, the tie bar brackets are too high. Should the 10.75 dimension be from bottom of crash bar bracket to Upper most area of tie bar bracket loops, this seems to be mot sensible. When installing 10.75" from bottom of crash bar bracket to top of loop, the sidecar frame bar which runs parallel to motorcycle and has vin number on it slopes slightly up hill to word front of bike. Should this sidecar frame tube with vin on it be exactly level?

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    Call Jim's Harley-Davidson in Mendon, Ohio and ask for Jim.

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    I can't remember doing a '79,..
    But if the assembly was the same as earlier clamped-on models,
    You put them where they feel good.


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    The location is pretty much dictated by the "S" bar. When it is properly mounted in the top mount the lower mount is where it needs to be. Nothing is set in stone, and all mounts need to be "relaxed" when installed.
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