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Thread: Indian alternator offered from V-Twin...

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    Default Indian alternator offered from V-Twin...

    Recently I have seen ads for an alternator to fit vintage Indians offered from V-Twin, part #32-1249. These look alot like the Kabota conversion types, with a different, sealed electronic rectifier. I have been unable to find out any specs, such as output or rectifier part number (separately). advertised to fit the generator clamp.

    I have built a couple of Kabota alternator conversions over the past 20 years. I have had only one issue with a rectifier that went bad (may have been a non-factory, after market part), otherwise both units work fine. The V-Twin price is comparable to what it cost for the pieces to build mine with factory Kabota parts, after market parts are much cheaper, and may not be as well built or rated as the factory parts.

    I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the V-Twin alternator, #32-1249. Any comments about this style alternator would be welcome.
    Thanks in advance, C2K

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    I have no experience with this set up. I do have 2 Cycle Electric 12V set ups on 2 bikes that have worked flawlessly. All the rectifier & regulator is internal so it's a cleaner 1 wire install. It doesn't try to hide the fact that it is an aftermarket 12V but then neither does the V-Twin set up.

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