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Thread: Firestone non-skid 28x3 turning brown

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    Default Firestone non-skid 28x3 turning brown

    Hi- I have invested in 3 white so called Firestone28x3 non-skid for my 1916 HD outfit only to discover that they have turned brown. Tried to wash with solvent and some detergent but seems to be impossible to restore. Bike has not seen real road usage yet. Any advice?- are they just crap?- the price suggest differently- they were bought from Coker. The most brown tires were put on 1 year ago.

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    i realize this isn't what you are asking for, but have you contacted Coker?

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    I've had a number of all white Coker Firestone clinchers. I have used Westley's Bleach White tire cleaner and had good results. Unfortunately, those tires have problems. I believe they are well constructed, and the tire molds are quite nice, but the quality of rubber used is very poor. For the money Coker charges for those tires, they should use better quality rubber. My 1919 Henderson has low mileage and spent most all it's time under tarps in my garage. The all white tires are now badly cracked, with chunks of their outer surface falling off. Those tires are now dangerously useless, and ugly as sin. If you do contact Coker; ask them what product should be used to protect, and condition the white rubber.
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    Right- well they told me that they have a 4 year guarantee on colour- but i bought them off a dealer- will chase it

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