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Thread: Fork for jd harley?

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    Default Fork for jd harley?

    Hello i am new here
    Iwould like to ask from what harley are these?
    I am would like to built up 28jd. I guess these are older..

    Thank you!
    BR juha

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    Well, there are two styles of JD fork that look virtually identical.
    One style is used on 1922-1923 74" as well as on all 1924's.
    The other is used on 1925-1929 (1928/1929 rear legs would have a front brake anchor bracket attached to the lower part of the left leg)
    The differences lie in the length of the neck stem as well as the length from the bottom of he three crown plates to the centerline of the rocker stud hole.
    Do you know, or can you find out that last dimension?
    The two forks are not easily interchangeable without making other modifications to other major parts on the bike.

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    Thanks Mark i will look dimensions..

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