I am not sure where best to post this and I was tempted to post in the Italian section, but here goes, please stick with me:-

I live in Taiwan and this week bought a Hartford "My Dream" (125cc) which I am calling "L'antidoto" as it seems to be the perfect antidote to taking life too seriously, and such a contrast to my 1731cc Victory High-Ball.

I have been invited to visit the Hartford factory here in Taiwan which I am looking forward to, and I hope to quiz them a little bit more about the origins of the "My Dream", but as far as I understand it was "inspired" by Honda's "Dream 50" which was built, I believe, to commemorate the RC 110/CR110.

The reason I chose to post this here is because I have been having a discussion with a couple of the Hartford My Dream owners here in Taiwan, and the belief seems to be that this style of motorcycle (the RC/CR 110) was inspired by the British cafe racers. I am disputing that, although I am far from an expert. It seems to me that this was a quintessentially Italian style of machine, pretty, incredibly small, lightweight, small cc, with the Mondials, MVs, etc, and it was this which led to Honda building the CR110 much more than any thoughts of British cafe racers which were a completely different beast altogether.

I would be delighted to hear any views, and indeed any information about the Honda RC 110, CR 110, and Dream 50.