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Thread: Ammeter 1941 Sport Scout

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    Quote Originally Posted by exeric View Post
    Hoyt is correct for 1941.
    Yes, I'd go with Hoyt, agree with Tom and Eric on this. You know Greer's is pretty darn good, but I trust Hatfield's research more (even though I have a document with 8 pages of corrections to the Restoration Guide, first edition, but the ammeter for '41 was listed as Hoyt in the Guide and not corrected!)
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    Interesting that the Resto Guide pic says 41-through early 46.
    A just listed as 41 Hoyt on ebay shows basically the same gauge however the ebay listing has 2 rivets above the Indian script,whlie the pic in the resto guide shows 2 screws lower before and after the script on the center line thru the script.
    Were there actually two versions of the 41 gauge?Generally I thought screws to hold the face were an indication of a repalced face or repro gauge.
    I think the ebay listing looks more original the the resto guide pic but I dont know.

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    I have a genuine Hoyt ammeter from a '41 dash assy. The face is riveted as Tom described in the above post.
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