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Thread: What am I looking at, 'cus I have no clue..

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    I thought "vaporous" was what fuel was all about, *M.A.D.* !

    Can't buy the cooling theory, sorry;
    By the way, is manifold icing real?

    Its a Scheb HS knob for sure {but they fit Linkerts, too}.

    That smells like an M21 bowl.
    More reserve?

    PS: The Linkert is just shy of 3/16" fatter inside than the Schebler "long" bowl.
    Perhaps reserve is why later potmetal Scheblers added the shoulder beneath?
    (Bottom left is the 'short' bowl that preceded the 'long', top right in attachment.)
    For 1940, bottom right, they equaled the Linkert capacity.
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