To All,
Purchased this bike and sidecar two weeks ago from the nephew of the original owner. Call it a garage find.


At the present time I guess you could say I'm more like a curator of this bike rather than a restorer. So many, and I agree, say don't disturb it's almost one hundred year old patina. However, a few parts were removed and never reinstalled. One could only guess why. I have reinstalled many of them all in original condition with original nuts and bolts. One part has me scratching my head.

bracket 2.JPGBracket.jpg

I know it's for the rear hinge points of the foot boards as well as the pivot point for the brake pedal.

The bracket appears to straddle the frame just below the engine. I am becoming more and more convinced that I have to raise the engine from the frame to sneak the bracket between. If so, it tells me the engine was removed at some point as well as the foot boards and when reinstalled someone forgot to install the bracket first. If anyone has first hand experience please share. Would hate to proceed if there is another way.