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Thread: My 101 Scout Cannonball Build

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    Excellent. Thanks for posting the video.


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    It was a good weekend. I got two of my three magnetos working!

    But, no one seemed to notice I was driving my test jig the wrong way. I thought the NS2's were counter clockwise, but they rotate clockwise. And, I had the magnet installed backwards. I reread the scout 101 R & O manual and there was an appendix on the magnetos. It clearly showed I had both backwards. Rotated the magnet, turned the magneto around and everything still worked, big spark. The only problem is, I only have one working cap, and one brush for the pickup and no brushes for the rotor. Anyone have any good ideas for the brushes?

    The next thing on my weekend list was finishing the cylinders. I got the coil bind issue resolved by taking a little off my new springs and shortening my valve keepers a little. I'm up to about 0.350 from coil bind. That should be fine. I also had to cut down some of the fins on the front cylinder to make room for the magneto. I left about 1/4" space from the cylinder to the mag case. I'm hoping that's enough so the magneto doesn't overheat. The only thing left for the top end is honing the cylinders to fit the pistons.

    Next weekend, the carburetor.

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    I'm sorry I haven't been following this closely.
    .350" to coil bind is way, way more than any safety margin I ever heard of, like 5 times too much. It won't hurt anything, but how do you know you have enough spring load for the valves to operate properly at speed? Do you have specs for closed and full lift spring tension?

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    I'm trying to get the spring loads as close to the original 101 values as I can. I'm getting the specs from George Yarocki's notes in the 101 R & O manual.

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    If you're satisfied that the actual seated and full open spring tension are within limits excess coil bind distance is harmless.
    The assembled distance is only useful if you are using a spring with the actual lb. per inch deflection rate.

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    Hi Dana,
    I found out there was a problem with the brushes about a week before the last cannonball from Portland to Portland.
    It seems that all the brushes being made now are too soft and leave a carbon buildup on the inside of the cap causing mis-fire.
    I solved the problem by changing the rotor from a "wipe spark" to a "jump spark" like Splitdorf did on their next model magneto.
    I do have these rotors in stock and the work with both the original caps and mine.
    Bruce Argetsinger
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    Bruce, I’ll give you call when the money shows up in my bank account!

    Here’s mock up number 2,


    Three problems,
    The rear cylinder interferes with the shift tower. I’ll have to trim back a little of the fins
    The shifter is never going to get around the cylinder, I’m going to have to switch back to a left hand shift.
    The ‘got a great price’ repop chain guard is two inches too short. I’m going to have to rework it.

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    It's been awhile, but I have been working on the bike. I got the rear cylinder to fit and modified the transmission shift to be a right hand shift. I had to do that so the shifter cleared the cylinder heads. Now, I'll have to switch the throttle and brake lever to the right. I'm not worried about the throttle but my brake lever is left handed and they're expensive to buy. I'll figure something out.

    I got the carburetor all cleaned up and rebuilt. It's amazing how much dirt can come out of one little carburetor. Over the years I've become an expert at 50 year old oil soaked California dirt. I had a DLX 130 schebler that I converted to a DLX 110 by swapping out the venturi. Gave it a good cleaning, replaced the throttle bushings and float and everything rubber. I used cotten's tiny puller to get the main nozzle out. It's just some #10 threaded rod, I put a nut on the ends and pulled it out like a pulley puller. Easy peasy. All in all the carb was the most straight forward thing yet.

    After that I started on the exhaust. As I said I'm using sport scout heads on top of a 101 bottom end. So there's no just buying exhaust headers. So, I bought these from amazon for like $25.00 and started the 4 week process of making headers.
    3D puzzles are not my strong suit I'll tell you that. It's definitely tighter down there then it looks.. There's about 3/8" clearance with the brake pedal, 1/4" clearance with the frame and chain guard, and 1/8" with the cam case. I'd get one right and the others would move. There's probably some secret to it that I just don't know. But I got it done and I think it came out nice. Here's a pic before I do the finial grind and paint.

    Now that that's done I'm going to make a empty muffler shell that I'll fill out later once I get the engine running. I'll experiment with different baffles and packing and see what I like. But for now it's just going to be a 2.5" pipe with caps on the ends.

    I'm down to honing the cylinders, then sheet metal, and then paint. I'm in a race to get to the paint in October, it starts to get cold here in California in November and it might even rain!

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