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Thread: My 101 Scout Cannonball Build

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    >> 68% is the first time I ever heard a factor for 101s, just like most other machines.
    >> Sounds good to me because just about anything works (as long everything else is in order).

    It’s the only number I was able to find. I found it on another board, about ten years old. He responded later and said the bike ran great. The other reason I thought I’d use 68 is if I don’t like it. I can take the motor apart and drill more holes to lower it. If I start to small I’d have to add weight back in.

    >> So I suggest estimating what it came with if you can, and determining what you've got as is, before eating metal.
    I’m on the road right now, when I get back I will. I’m not sure what that’s going to tell me. The pistons I pulled out were aluminum and the rods looked original. And unfortunately the bike was a basket case when I got it and the owner sadly was long gone. So I don’t know how it was used or how it ran. I’ll look harder when I get home.

    Can you weigh your rod tops?

    I cheated, the rods came with a spec sheet, weights, lengths, bores. I have the weights but they’re at home.

    >> Kitabel..
    I’ll take my time a do everything you suggested. I can use the depth gauge to verify the depth of the drills. And an angle wheel to put the holes in the same spot on both wheels. And as always, measure, measure, and measure some more.

    Cotten, I agree there’s no way I’m taking metal off of the connecting rods.

    At the end of the day, even though it’s just a number I’d like to at least try for better then just throw it all together and hope for the best.


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    If you trust the spec sheet, Dana,

    Then you can determine the resulting factor of your new assembly by hanging the wheels and bare rods upon your beams, and adding weights to the rod tops until it achieves balance.

    The added weight plus the rod tops then divided by the actual reciprocating weight gives you the existing factor.

    Then decide if you want to change it; Please remember that the noble grace of a single-throw V twin is that it will run quite smooth over a wide range of factors. Motor balancing is for the motor's benefit, not the rider.

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    On the never ending hunt for parts, I got to hit up the Dixon swap meet yesterday on my way home. A few posts ago I mentioned my magneto was missing a few critical pieces, like the magnet and coil. I was able to score not one, but two splitdorf ns2’s! They both look to be in good restorable shape.


    I’m hoping I can make two good running magnetos and use one as a spare for the cannonball.

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