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Thread: 48 Panhead luggage rack and muffler

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    Default 48 Panhead luggage rack and muffler

    Hi, I need to buy the former and replace the latter.

    Luggage Rack - Most of the pictures I see of these bikes exhibit chromed luggage racks (Part # 53406-36/2818-36A), but the HD available ones were only in black, in 1948. However the judging handbook states

    Supplementary (add-on) accessories typically do not replace standard equipment, and may be items available from the factory or other suppliers in the model year. Such components are accepted without judging unless they are period incorrect or significantly detract from the overall appearance of the motorcycle due to improper condition, modification, or fitment. Examples of supplementary accessories include such things as saddlebags, luggage rack, auxiliary

    In the case of the luggage rack, I assume the chrome one would be a substitute for original, and therefore attract a points deduction?

    On the Muffler (Part 65235-50), there are two buying options, one with a spot welded seamed body and one without, with a significant price difference. The inference from the sales literature is that the spot welded seamed body would not attract a points deduction when judging?



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    That isn't the muffler part number, it is the -41 number as used on Knuckleheads. That -50 number is the later muffler. All the stock finned mufflers are spot welded. See Carl's Cycle for an accurate replica.
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    Thanks Robbie, according to the parts manual the rocket fin is 65251-41, and the mufflers are listed under 1034-41, see the following options!WW9737


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