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Thread: Why Can't I Find A Featured AMCA Article from 2017?

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    Default Why Can't I Find A Featured AMCA Article from 2017?

    Hi all,

    Been a member for just about a year now, and enjoy the magazine, and the support/outreach of my local, Hudson Valley, NYS-area Chapter President.

    However, in trying to look up an article allegedly published in the July-August 2017 issue, online, I cannot find it--and I'm pretty "web-literate," if I do say so, myself. LOL

    Here is a fellow AMCA member's CL ad for his 1974 Honda CT90, in which he states he's won multiple awards with this bike, and that "The bike was featured in an article in the ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE magazine (July - August 2017)."

    I have looked for this AMCA-featured article, and tried to search online, in the digital version, and "outside," using Google, to no avail.

    Can anyone please:

    a) find a link this article for me (details below) and;

    b) instruct me into how one goes about finding an article on a specific bike featured in the AMCA's online magazine?

    I'm including the Seller's entire CL ad here for context, but I have no association with this bike or Seller (other than I just emailed him, as well, asking for a link to the article), though I do realize by posting this question I'm (inadvertently) giving this gentleman's ad greater exposure. However, as he's selling the bike "for health reasons...," I don't feel like I'm doing anything unethical here.


    Gravel Rider
    (Please see entire CL ad text and link, below, with four attached pics of the bike, for posterity, as I hate it when CL ads come down, and posts are written about them, but we can no longer see the bike in question.

    1974 HONDA CT90 / TRAIL 90 - $3995 (RUSHBORO, PA)

    1974 HONDA TRAIL 90
    condition: excellent
    engine displacement (CC): 90
    fuel: gas
    odometer: 3169
    paint color: orange
    title status: clean
    transmission: manual

    This is an award-winning Honda Trail 90 currently licensed, inspected and insured with a clean Pennsylvania title in my name. The bike has 3169 miles on it. Features include new wheels, spokes, wheel bearings, brakes, tires and tubes. The seats are new and the luggage rack has been re-chromed. The paint on the frame and fenders is original. The original tool kit and owner's manual, a factory shop manual and a removable buddy seat are included with the purchase. The bike was featured in an article in the ANTIQUE MOTORCYCLE magazine (July - August 2017).

    - WINNERS CIRCLE AWARD, Antique Motorcycle Club of America, October 2017, highest award in the AMCA.
    - FIRST JUNIOR AWARD, Antique Automobile Club of America, October 2017.
    - SENIOR AWARD, Antique Automobile Club of America, June 2018.
    - PRESERVATION AWARD, Antique Automobile Club of America, October 2018.

    The bike runs great. Selling bike for health reasons.

    If you have any questions, please respond via the CL mail relay. Please leave your name and phone number.
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    Nice little bike.
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    I found the bike article you are referring to under the Oley Meet story in the Jul/Aug 2017 magazine. I have a an extra copy if you need it.
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    Gravel Rider - Sorry for the late response as I missed your post about needing to find the article. I am trying to determine how to access the "archived" magazines which go back to January 2016. If you still need the article I can scan and send you a copy from my home copy.

    Sorry for the trouble.

    Mike Love
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    Hi Gravel Rider - I hope these instructions for finding the available back issues are not too late for you to consider purchasing the bike. I was able to get the step by step from Keith Kizer and I understand that it will become much more intuitive with a new process in January. Here is how to do it:

    1) On the AMCA home page, scroll down to the Magazine and click on "Explore Latest Issue"

    2) Scroll down and click on "Clicking Here"

    3) Log in (I didn't need to log in)

    4) When it asks about tutorial, click "Skip"

    5) Click on the symbol that looks like lines (it is a menu for viewing) in the upper left magazine to expose the controls

    6) On the left side of the page, a menu will appear

    7) Click on "Contents View" This will show you the pages from the magazine on the right. In a left column you will see a clear photo of the magazine you have chosen. The default is to bring up the latest edition of The Antique Motorcycle. Below this clear photo in the left column is blurred, or ghost photo images of the back issues in order from newest to oldest

    8) Scroll down to the issue you want (July/August 2017 is

    9) Once the issue want is selected, click on "Page View" and scroll left to right through the magazine.

    10) Finally, you are looking at the issue you want.

    Here is the link to the edition","page":38}

    I hope this is still timely enough to be useful. Note that what I found in the July/August issue was the judging results from 2017 Oley Meet which does list the bike as achieving Winners Circlethat year.

    Mike Love
    AMCA Forum

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