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    Hi.. Paul here.. Im a new member from New Zealand. Recently found a 1930/31 D model Harley basket case. Have begun the journey of collecting parts and learning about these bikes. I have been riding and working on Harleys for 30 years now so have a reasonably good understanding of shovelheads , evos , and twin cams. would not rate myself as an expert, more a passionate participant. with a large streak of keen to learn and experience all things Harley. So now im able to satisfy this desire to learn more about days gone by a long time ago.. Love riding the TC 88 ,have ridden them a lot and in all conditions and speeds. they are an awesome modern bike with all the character of a large bore long stroke pushrod motor.. I get maximum grin factor from showin a clean pair of heels to jap and euro sports bikes who's owners cant understand how it is they cant keep up with a Harley Davidson bein ridden by an old man .. thanks for reading my intro an here's to some good conversations.

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    Welcome ,Paul , to the ANTIQUE motorcycle club . I like riding my twin cam too , just don’t like looking at it. Anyway, it won’t be an antique till 2035 so we won’t mention them here anymore right ? Thought I would mention it before someone REALLY yells at you. Tell us about the jd or vl or whatever it is , and anything else old you might have. I ride an 83 shovel in a wishbone frame that is the most beautiful bike on the road ( to me of course ) and building a 69 flh very slowly. So , welcome again

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    Greeting's Paul,
    Those 'D' series Harley-Davidson's are fun finding parts for. Great Luck & Welcome.

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    Hi JC Adams. thanks for your reply .. I have a shovelhead as well ..have had it for bout 25 years.. my first Harley was a 1977 superglide 74 cube . always regretted selling it so when I had opportunity to buy a 1981 fatbob 25 years ago I had to have it and still got it now . The basket case ive recently purchased is a D model ..just D , no other letters . Its a 45 cube ..Predecessor to the WL. Motor has 4 cams like sportsters and its a flathead. speaking of cams ,..I only have one set among all the parts and they are to worn to use.. If anyone has a set of cams in good condition please let me know.

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    I know its been almost a month since you registered but Welcome. Here I go again with my circus barking and trying to get people into the Member Bike Build Tent at this big carnival. Well you and others that have recently joined have some great projects in the early stages. Heck if you just take a photo when you have bought a new part, repaired or applied TLC to an existing part in need or even lust laid out all your basket case parts on a table and photographed it and just post it we'll get our fix. A three word description each time would get you some momentum and once people take interest you'll get some good comments. I should talk I have a started thread I need to update.

    Good luck

    Mike Love
    AMCA Forum

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    welcome aboard

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