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Thread: 1922 Indian Standard

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    Quote Originally Posted by gharper View Post

    That is a great find ! I'm an early Chief and Princess guy but have always like the Standard as well. 1922 was the first year for the Princess sidecar, which you have . It was designed primarily for and with the Chief, but starting in 1922, the body was fitted to the old standard chassis. So for 3 years, the standard had the new Princess body, a nicer looking body I think! Just a side note here, the Princess sidecar bodies, 1922-early 24 were actually made by the FLXIBLE sidecar company for Indian. After that, I believe Indian made their own.

    Regarding the electrics: By 1922, all Indians were full electric models and equipped the same way: Splitdorf model S-2 magneto for ignition, a very solid, reliable ignition unit that did not require any battery. In addition, there was a Splitdorf DU-5 generator for charging the battery in conjunction with running lights and horn as well as an ammeter / switch mounted on the tank. The Scout and Standard were belt driven generators, the Chief was gear driven off the timing gear train. The Scout was driven by a gear drive pulley off the rear of the primary drive housing and the Standard was driven by a pulley behind the motor sprocket. The Standard setup was an evolution from the non electric models, Indian just found a way to attach a generator and pulley, unfortunately it was right behind the rear of the front fender and wheel. I refer to this as the water cooled generator, because if you're riding in a heavy rain, it gets soaked from the splash of the front wheel, so not the ideal location for a generator, but Indian sport scouts did this for years, as did Excelsior until 1924 and I believe Reading Standard did too.

    So, magneto ignition, very reliable plus a small generator to keep the battery topped off and barely able to run the lights. If the generator, battery or lights croaked for some reason the mag would still work and you could always get home, in the dark.

    You've got a great start on a nice rig there!

    Gene, did you notice that it has a DVAR Mag/gen fitted? Fortunately they didnt remove the Splitdorf gen when they fitted it!

    DrJohn1922, over here in Australia there are quite a few Standard model Indians. It would seem that most ended up in the export market. In regard to the footboard bracket I will see if I have some photos of it fitted up on a bike.

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    I note your observation. Thank You. However you stated " Fortunately they didnt remove the Splitdorf gen ..... ". Did you mean to say gladly they didn't remove the Splitdorf magneto??


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    Your comment and observations got me to research further. I'm way out of my knowledge curve here so I will defer to you. In the Indian Standard Motorcycle and side car manual ( you may have sent this to me ) it lists a Templing 20Q750X as the generator for that year. I'm only making an observation and not contradicting you for I know not what I'm talking about. Bottom line, it is what it is for no changes will be made.


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    No Benjamin is correct: The Splitdorf generator remains in place, mounted in front of the motor, down low with a small belt drive pulley attached. The Magneto is not the correct unit, you should have a Splitdorf Model S-2. The magneto on your bike is a Bosch DVAR mag-dyno. These came out about 1928 or so I believe. In various forms they were used all the way into the 50"s on BMW's and many others. It is a combination magneto and generator all fitted into one housing. Indian did not fit these as standard equipment however I recall talking with George Yarocki and he mentioned that many Indians shipped to Europe were not fitted with electrics from the factory. Once imported they were fitted with Bosch components which makes sense from a user point of view as these parts would be more accessible in Europe than the Splitdorf parts.

    The Bosch unit you have may be quite serviceable, for the magneto at least. My experience is that most of them had the generator armature removed or disabled because the regulating system was problematic, so just keep the engine running, who needs lights!!!!! With that said, they are a desirable piece these days, especially if it has all the generator parts.


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    Wow !
    I'm overwhelmed with the knowledge you and others responding to my thread have. Thank You, Thank You for the education.

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