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Thread: New 1965 Sporty xlch in the garage and the magneto is the issue....

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    Quote Originally Posted by KNUCK View Post
    I see Cotton and I joined the AMCA Forum the same month in 2001. That is a long time ago! Charter members?
    Actually, Knuck,...

    I joined years earlier, but a forum update froze the "Cotten" name, and I had to add T.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KNUCK View Post
    Got the Mag fixed and the S&S "L" rebuilt but won't start, will try to run with a shot of starter fluid. I think that carb is the issue. Maybe try the idea Flathead 80 mentioned, as I just read his post again.
    I can help you with the S&S L series. Relatively few people know squat about them -- but the long story made short is that they are VERY sensitive to float height. But, before we get to that, I need some information to give you some decent information.

    First, what is the actual marking on the carburetor?

    Second, is the float bowl a top or a bottom feed?

    Third, if it is a top feed, does it have a brass float?

    Fourth, what is the main and the pilot jet numbers?

    Fifth, does it have it's original choke plate?

    Sixth, has the throttle shaft been rebushed?

    I've got a soft spot for L series carbs; GBL.jpghere's a photo of a GBL I was working on recently sitting on my kitchen table . . .

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