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Thread: Tire choice 1965 FLH

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    Default Tire choice 1965 FLH

    Hi guys, now I have come so far in my restoration project of my 1965 FLH, so it's time to order tires.. Here in Europe we have the Coker Classic or Shinko Super Classic 270 to choose from if you want to get the white wall (1”). I need advice on the choice of tires and then with regard to road ability, mileage and similarity with the original.

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    I have run both and and they seem to handle the same ,I have put dozens of the shinkos on vintage machines and had no complaints and the price is half of the other brand. Mileage seems the same with maybe the shinko on top. Shinko more true to the Goodyear super eagle which would have been the tire that would have come on the bike that year thru 1967 when the Goodyear speedgrip was introduced

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    My recent experience with Cokers is 'inconsistency' I mounted one for a friend, (on a 65) with 1oz weights on 5 consecutive spokes the tire was still heavy 180-degs across. We deflated & rotated the tire multiple times and the heavy spot was same location on the tire. My friend talked to Coker & had to order a 2nd tire, then they they took #1 back. Tire #2 balanced with 2 weights, spaced a couple spokes apart. If it's not a regular rider, but more for show, the whitewall on the Coker is much more attractive, the edges on the Shinko bleed into the white.
    to add, both are terrible on Grooved Roads!!

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    After two years with the Shinko 240's on my 1970 FLH, they are going in the garbage. I had one replaced under warranty, it became out of round. On a truing stand, the wheel rim was no more then 1/16" out, but the tire was 1/4" or more out, bad. Second one did the same after about 1000 miles. Causes a nasty high speed side to side wobble in the back of the bike. At highway speed with no passenger, it got way too sketchy to ignore. On my way up to the Yankee meet last year I got desperate and pulled over to let 10 psi out of each tire, made it only better enough to carry on for 20 more miles. I loved the look, I was trying to match Goodyear Speedgrips, but as a tire for a "rider" they are junk. Dunlops on the wheels right now, winter upgrades in progress so no report on the Dunlops to date. Modern tire and tread, i am sure they will ride great. But I had to give up the "look". Good luck.

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