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Thread: 4:50x18 tires

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    Thanks,The link shows no pricing just sold out.High EU pricing would rule it out for me with shipping to the USA.
    I would think a 4:50X18 would be a more popular size than the 4:00 but it looks like its cokers or a Dunlop 4:00.

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    I'm not a fan of Coker, but I have always liked their 4.50 x 18 diamond tread tire. They are a soft compound which makes them wear faster, but they are grippy and that's a good thing. Also, if you are concerned about a tire that gives a nod to authenticity, then Coker's 18" has no equal.
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    As Dr. Sprocket said, the Firestone ANS tires sold by Coker are good, I put a set on my '50EL last year, good grip and good wear on a full dresser loaded up. 5.00x16 on the rear, 4.50x18 on the front. They are a bit noisy and sing on the highway, but seem to carry a good tune.
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