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Thread: How to guard against theft when riding, parking to eat or visiting an attraction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skirted View Post
    Yea antitheft devices are more hassle than its worth to me. It would take away all the fun. Forget it and just ride it and enjoy but it doesn't hurt to use common sense if you are in a known high crime area. Your biggest concern should be starting it in front of a crowd when you come out of a restaurant.
    I have an AGREED VALUE insurance policy that will allow me to buy another in equal condition should something happen. We can get attached to our bikes and I'm attached to mine but reality is its just a machine. All the guys I ride with, no one uses antitheft for day trips/riding. If you are out overnight somewhere staying in a hotel that's a little different. In that case you could chain it to a pole or other bike if it makes you sleep better.

    Glad you plan to ride the bike!
    Good advice! Just curious - Why is starting in front of a crowd after coming out of a restaurant the biggest concern?

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    Why is starting in front of a crowd after coming out of a restaurant the biggest concern?
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    Quote Originally Posted by larrymgibson View Post
    Good advice! Just curious - Why is starting in front of a crowd after coming out of a restaurant the biggest concern?
    For sure. The chance of your bike NOT starting is directly proportional to the number of people watching. My bike always starts reliably almost like the sun coming up....but when bystanders are around asking questions, and when you get on to start they are watching intently for the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.
    A couple years ago wife and I emerged from a restaurant to find a nice group of folks huddled around looking at the bike. Some arrived on other bikes while some were just sightseers. After the usual questions were answered I got on to start and they were all waiting to see and hear it start. Being distracted I misjudged residual engine temp and picked the hot start method vs cold. WRONG. I knew I was SOL after a couple kicks. Finally one of the Harley guys felt sorry for me and said here let me give you a push down the street. Of course it started. That brought a new level of humiliation to me.
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    A coupla decades ago, Folks...

    I did a Knuck for a fellow who 'commuted' from Oak Park to downtown Chicago occasionally.

    The valet kept an eye on it.

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    I do like the suggestions of line of sight vision to your bike. That doesn't help of course with the lodging question if you will be asleep part of the time. In regard to trackers, they work and the company you use to do the tracking and reporting back to your device charge a monthly fee. Not sure if they have a feature you can use if say you don't need the tracker every day, cause who wants to pay for it when your not using it. The other thing to know is that the tracker has a limited battery life so once it is done it doesn't give off the signal so you can't delay. The trackers work well and you would want to have the app for a smart phone or ready access to a computer. You also need to spend some time getting very familiar with the software because its not necessarily intuitive. You hope the thieves aren't smart enough to look for a tracker and then transfer it to something like a taxi cab or UPS truck that can lead you on a wild goose chase and still not find you bike.

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    Here's what I used before.

    As Mike mentioned it works great but you've got to worry about battery life.

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