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    I can cut you a PEEK blank, Cam,

    But its pricey.

    If you are going this far, why not hone away the last bit of wear?
    You might not feel it, but it will be daylight when you cut a disc. And daylight is hard enough to cure.
    *Ideally*, it should only be at the end of the idle screw. (Figured out how to cut the disc's notch?)

    I feel the domed thrust washer is essential. And its the hardest part to cut.
    (Linkerts and DLXs have a thrust collar at the bottom of the shaft.)
    Although PEEK is great for many things, if you are going to the trouble to cut one, why not use brass?
    It takes solder a whole lot better.

    And yes, I cut 'horseshoes' of course!

    PS: I just lathe-cut the manifold flanges on two HXs this morning, and now hope to get them honed before it snows,.. again.
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