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Thread: Drive Race Depth in Sport Scout Case?

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    Question Drive Race Depth in Sport Scout Case?

    I'm building a 39 Sport Scout bottom end and have no end play when putting the cases together. Used the thinnest available thrust washers .047" on both drive and pinion sides. Rods are not centered in cases, but towards pinon side. Drive side race extends .080" inside of case, and measures normal total length of 2.030". My question is does anyone know how deep it should extend into case? The Indian military overhaul manual says to grind it off if not enough endplay, but I'm wondering if there is another fix like shimming from the outside of the case. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I've seen that condition due to wide aftermarket crank pins.
    Eric Smith
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    Thanks Eric.
    Took the flywheels apart and measured the crank against an original and a different manufacturers aftermarket pin. The one that was installed was both wide (between the tapers) and quite a bit longer overall. Installed other crank pin and got most of the relief needed. Still no endplay, can finger tighten bolts on cases but that brings races in full contact with thrust washers and binds if wrench is applied. At some point in the engines life the thrust washer that's under the pinion race was removed, possibly to adjust for clearance issues.

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    Maybe check with Moen, Here is some info from his site

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