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Thread: JD Fork repair

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    Default JD Fork repair

    Could someone enlighten me on how these spring tubes are attached to the fork.
    I want to repair this set.
    Are they brazed in?
    Are they one piece all the way to the axle casting?
    This is not my reinforced 29 front end.

    MickFork spring tube.jpg

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    They are pinned and brazed. The pins are probably just to maintain position during brazing. It's a continuous tube from the top down to the axle casting/forging.
    Take your measurements so you know the tube protrusion above and below the bridge and then cut it all apart. Trim the tube close to the bridge and then set it up on a mill and bore out the old tube. You could slice through it lengthwise, heat it and then peal it out but I don't like to put too much heat into the thin walls that the tube goes through. I do however recommend slitting and peeling the tube remnants off of the axle piece.
    Make a fixture to hold it all in proper orientation while brazing. I suggest a good silver solder.

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    I repair these on a regular bases for people. The rocker casting (Axle casting) is not pinned but it has a stem that is part of the casting that slides into the tube 1.250. So if you cut it at the braze joint you will ruin it. Just cut them 6" above the braze joint. Pop it in a vice and grip the tube with a set of channel locks. Hit it with a rose bud tip keeping in mind the 1.250. When it's hot enough it will roll right off. Bob L
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