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Thread: Model J/JD Gas tank identification

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    Maybe I'm wrong. I was just doing it by sight from the size of the cutouts in the picture. I'll measure a tank in the morning.

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    Thanks for doing that, I have also noticed, by looking at these replica tanks, that there seems to be an extra bracket on the 21-24 tanks at the front, just in front of where they bolt together on the underside, if you look at the photos.

    No bracket:


    Could someone also check that this is correct for original tanks? My tank has this bracket (or whats left of it).


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    Can anyone help me here in measuring some 1917-1920 or 1921-1924 tank dimensions to determine the year of my tank?

    Rocker Cutout width = 4.5"
    Rocker cutout depth = 2.5"
    Tank width = 4.5"

    And can anyone tell me what the most forward bracket on the underside is for and if the earlier tank has it or not?

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    Your tanks are the wider, late type. I did measure my late right side tank and it matches your above dimensions. My 1916 right side tank is approximately 3" + wide, and the rocker cutouts are aprox. 4" wide. If you plan to put gas in that tank, you have a lot of work to do. I've been into a lot of right side tanks; and holes, and lacey rust through needs to be fixed from the inside. Particularly if you intend to do a nice paint job. You can cut your way in, or melt out the solder seams to get access to the inside, but both methods are gruesome. The left/oil tank side always seems to be in better shape, which is probably due to the oil compartment.

    All 3 brackets are bottom tank mounts that secure both tanks to each other and minimize stress on the top mounts, and plumbing lines. There is also a front wire loom bracket that routes the front spark plug wire.
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