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Thread: WLA Paint HD # 11629-40

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    Default WLA Paint HD # 11629-40

    From Palmer's book, he refers to this paint as Army Drab. I would like to find some paint that matches the HD paint. Thanks.

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    I assume that military Harleys used the same paint used by other military vehicles in that year. I got paint for my military Harleys from a military vehicle parts and restoration company. Apparently it was flat paint up to 1943 and after that the military paint had some sheen to it.olive drab flat paint 001.jpg

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    Thanks. I started poking around and found a company They have several versions of an olive drab paint. They are sending me a paint chip for free of one of their paints to see if it matches up with the paint that is on the case that I have. The paint is called 33070 early WWII OD.

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    The modern F.S number for Olive Drab is 34086.

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